• Technology

    Technology Summary

    The students we teach today must be well equipped in order to reach their full potential in a technological world. One mission of the Oceanport Schools is to exploit technology to the greatest extent possible, bringing it into the classrooms for the benefit of our community of learners. We seek to seamlessly weave the use of technology into the curriculum, to enhance instruction, modernize classroom management and teaching styles. By taking full advantage of hardware and software, our vision is to move students from being passive to active learners, thereby raising their academic achievement.


    By continuing to invest in the district's technology program, it is a goal of the Oceanport Schools to put all of the resources and information of the global computing environment at the fingertips of every student and teacher in the district

    The technology infrastructure must not only address the physical plant's needs but also the needs of a secure system. A secure system maintained by skilled technical staff includes such items as: (1) emergency data retrieval tools supporting the educational technology network, (2) regularly scheduled backup of all data stored off site and (3) a firewall in place to protect against unwarranted intrusion into system data, and (4) physical security of key servers.

    Steven Larsen

    Technology Coordinator