Today's Homework

  • April

    Monday 4/24

    Reading:  Read and update log

    Languare Arts: 8 vocab sentences : Group A due tomorrow

    Spelling: Memory practice

    Math: p.773 #1-16 odd only and p.7791-6

    SS:  Finalize idea for Mini Society and bring in signed slip explaining business due on WEDNESDAY 4/26



    Tuesday 4/25

    Reading:  Read for 15 minutes.  Update log.

     Language Arts: 8 Vocabulary sentences Group B due tom

    Spelling: study

    Math: pg. 

    SS:  Finalize idea for Mini Society - signed slip due tom



    Wednesday 4/26

    Reading: Read for 15 minutes.  Update reading log.

    Language Arts:  8 Vocabulary sentences Group C due tom

    Spelling: study

    Math:   pg 

    SS:  Work on mini society project



    Thursday   4/27

    Reading: Read for 15 minutes.  Update log. 

    Language Arts: Work on sentences

    Spelling:  Study Test tomorrow

    Math:   pg. 

    SS: Work on mini society project



    *Math:  Topic 14 and 15 -Measurement and geometry

    *Reading:  Expository Text

    *Writing:  Expository Writing / Fiction Writing

    *Social Studies:  Mini Society / Economics