• Over the course of the last three weeks each student in Maple Place School was entertained and educated by Middletown Twp. Retired Police Detective Sergeant Michael Slover.  DSGT Slover stressed his three areas of  strength and importance to a good life;  health, family, and education. He told our students, “take care of those three things and you will lead a great life.”

    He spoke at length on the evils of drugs interfering with those three core beliefs, which could result in years of pain or even an early death.  Featured in the seventh and eighth grade program was DSGT Slover’s 1988 video interview with Richie Johnson, four months before Mr. Johnson’s death from a drug overdose.  In that interview “Richie” warned the listener that his experimentation with alcohol and marijuana led to his being kicked out of the US Army and eventually to his contracting the AIDS virus by sharing dirty needles while using heroin.

    His powerful message that he, “was just like you” until drugs seized control of his life was moving and very important.  The students were then given a question and answer period with DSGT Slover and Oceanport Police DSGT Michael Fagliarone where they learned that drugs and the addiction that follows can ruin lives.