Oceanport Board of Education

    The Board of Education has full power to operate the local public schools of Oceanport

    as it deems fit and in compliance with state and federal mandates and pertinent laws of

    the municipality. The general mandatory powers and duties of the Board are defined in

    Title 18A of New Jersey statutes. The Board conducts its business only when it is in



    Board Functions

    The Board of Education sees these as its required functions:

    1. Policymaking

    The Board is responsible for the development of policy and for the

    employment of a Chief School Administrator who shall carry out its

    policies through the development and implementation of regulations.

    The Board will evaluate the effectiveness of its policies and their


    2. Educational Planning

    The Board is responsible for acquiring reliable information from

    appropriate sources that will enable it and the staff to work toward the

    continuing improvement of the educational program.

    3. Finances

    The Board is responsible for the development and adoption of a budget

    that will enable the school system to carry out its functions.

    4. Information

    The Board is responsible for providing information to the community

    about the educational programs, the budget and the highlights of regular


    5. Administration

    The Board is responsible for the administration of the school district

    and the quality of the educational programs.

    6. Public

    The Board will hear appeals, complaints and grievances by residents when

     those matters have passed through the district hierarchy.



    The Oceanport Board of Education shall consist of nine members who are qualified

    residents of the school district. Each year, candidates will stand for election for three

    three-year terms. One or more seats might be deemed vacant with one- or two-year terms

    to serve if there are any appointees currently serving on the Board. Qualified candidates

    shall be elected by Oceanport voters; the annual election shall be held on a date

    determined by law

    1. Qualifications

    Members must be 18 years old, able to read and write and must be United

    States citizens and residents of the district for at least two years

    immediately prior to filing for candidacy.

    2. Vacancies

    When a member tenders his/her resignation, moves from the district, dies,

    or is removed by the Board for good cause, the vacancy will be filled

    within 65 days as prescribed by law, and by a majority vote of the

    members in attendance at a regular Board meeting. Procedures to select a

    person to fill a vacancy shall include advertisement of the position in

    suitable local media and interviews with qualified interested parties

    conducted in public by the Board acting at a committee of the whole. The

    Board will interview all qualified candidates and select one to complete

    the term assigned to the vacant seat.

    3. Conflict of Interest

    Individual members ( and the Board as a whole) shall at all times avoid

    attitudes and actions that might stimulate public questioning of Board

    decisions. Board members shall abstain from voting on questions on

    which they might hold a special interest. See Conflict of Interest, page 7.

    4. Code of Ethics

    In order to make a clear public statement of its philosophy of service to the

    pupils of the district, the Board has adopted a Code of Ethics.

    Members must file, annually, a signed copy of that code.

    See Code of Ethics, page 10.

    5. Authority

    It is understood that the members of the Board have authority only when

    acting as a Board that is legally in session.

    6. Resignation

    Whenever a member shall cease to be a bona fide resident of the district,

    membership on the Board shall cease immediately.7. Removal

    Any member who fails to attend three consecutive meetings of the Board

    without providing good cause may be removed by the membership. The

    Board president will offer a resolution at a regular meeting to that effect.

    To pass, at least two-thirds of the members in attendance must vote to

    approve the resolution.



    The officers of the Board are President and Vice President. They are to be elected by the

    Board members at the April reorganization meeting by a simple majority of those present.

    1. Duties of the President

    The President shall preside at all meetings of the Board and shall perform

    other duties as directed by statute, State Department of Education

    regulations, and this Board. In carrying out these responsibilities, the

    President shall:

    A. Sign the instruments, acts, and orders necessary to carry out state

    requirements and the will of the Board

    B. Consult with the Chief School Administrator on the Board’s meeting


    C. Appoint special committees, subject to Board approval

    D. Call such meetings of the Board as s/he may deem necessary provided

    adequate notice is given 48 hours in advance

    E. Serve as ex-officio member of all Board committees

    F. Be responsible for the orderly conduct of all Board meetings

    G. Confer with the Chief School Administrator on developing crucial


    The President shall have the right, as other Board members have, to offer

    resolutions, discuss questions, and vote. A Board member shall be eligible to

    serve as president for no more than three consecutive terms or three years.

    2. Duties of the Vice President

    The Vice President shall preside at Board meetings in the absence of the

    President and shall perform such other duties as may be assigned by the


    3. Removal from Office

    Officers may be removed by a majority vote of the full board should either

    officer refuse to perform the duties of his/her office as imposed by law.



    Regular meetings of the Board shall be held on the second and third Thursdays of each

    month. Special meetings may be called by the President of the Board. An agenda and

    pertinent materials shall be distributed to the Board on the Friday prior to a regularly

    scheduled meeting.

    The Board may hold a closed, or executive, session from which the public is excluded

    when it wishes to discuss those matters specifically exempted from public discussion

    according to N.J.S.A. 10:4-13. Minutes shall be taken and signed by the Board Secretary

    and maintained in a separate book for private sessions.

    1. Agenda

    The order of the agenda shall be:

    I. Call to Order

    II. Approval of Minutes*

    III. Recognition of the Public

    IV. Chief School Administrator’s Report

    V. Business Administrator’s Report

    VI. Committee Reports

    VII. Old Business

    VIII. New Business

    IX. Recognition of the Public

    X. Announcements

    XI. Other Discussion as Appropriate

    XII. Call to Adjourn

    * At the annual reorganization meeting, the election of the Board officers

    shall take precedence over the approval of the minutes.

    2. Quorum

    Five of the voting members of the Board shall constitute a quorum. In the

    event a quorum is not present at the prescribed hour, the meeting may

    convene at a time not later than one hour forward of the same day.

    3. Minutes

    The Board Secretary shall record the minutes of all Board meetings. The

    minutes of the previous meeting shall be included in the packet that is

    distributed to Board members on Friday prior to the next scheduled

    meeting.4. Conduct

    The meetings of the Board shall be conducted according to Robert’s

    Rules of Order as they define parliamentary procedure, except as

    otherwise specified in these Bylaws.

    4. Public

    Members of the public shall be invited to offer their praise or concerns

    about the administration of the school district. The President of the Board

    will respond to all comments.

    5. Voting

    Votes for all business brought before the Board shall be conducted as


    a. Business involving district funds, personnel and policy matters

    shall require a roll-call vote.

    b. Business involving other decisions shall be by voice vote.

    c. Votes shall be recorded in the minutes according to Robert’s

     Rules of Order

    d. All roll-call votes shall be recorded in the minutes of board

     meetings thusly:

     Aye Nay Abstentions Members present To Pass

     Name Name Name 9 6

     Name Name 8 6

     Name Name 7 5

     Name 6 4

     Name 5 3

     e. All roll-call votes shall be taken in alphabetical order.


    Standing Committees of the Board

    The Standing Committees of the Board shall be responsible for monitoring the integrity

    of all educational and physical areas of the school district; the preparation of the budget;

    and for preparing proposals that recommend new policies or procedures, or the

    modification of existing policies and procedures. The Chief School Administrator and

    Business Administrator shall sit ex-officio on all board standing committees.

    A. Education/Curriculum/Technology Committee

    The committee shall be responsible for researching,

    implementing and maintaining the ongoing needs of the core

    curriculum, including the

    content standards, materials, methodologies and programs

    related to that curriculum. Membership: Chief School

    Administrator, Business Administrator, and three Board


    B. Finance Committee

    The committee members shall oversee the budget development,

    budget control, purchasing and major bids; review proposals

    and recommend methods to bring about economies in the

    financial operation of the district; and review legislation

    pertaining to district finances. Membership: Chief School

    Administrator, Business Administrator, three Board members

    C. Policy & Planning Committee

    The committee shall be responsible for updating existing Board

    policies and developing new policies that will govern the

    operation of the school district as well as serve the operational

    needs of the Board. Membership: Chief School Administrator,

    Business Administrator, three Board members.

    D. Personnel Committee

    The committee shall meet with all bargaining units and adopt

    and amend rules and procedures governing of such bargaining

    or other employment relations matters; serve as the board

    committee in any grievance hearings; make recommendations

    on salary administration and compensation programs for nonunion employees; and review recommendations on new

    positions for new employees. Membership: Chief School

    Administrator, Business Administrator, and three Board


    E. B & G (Facilities) Committee

    The committee shall evaluate and plan with the Chief School

    Administrator and BA



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